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The Definitive Guide to Oracle FDMEE

Looking for a good book on FDMEE, check out Tony Scalese’s The Definitive Guide to Oracle FDMEE.

It is a practical book that provides not only technical information about the application and its different functionality but which shares fundamental knowledge about how and why the application can and should be us


In this book:

  1. Learn all about System, Application and User Settings

  2. Explore core metadata items – source systems, source accounting entities, target application registration, import formats, locations and data load rules

  3. Expand your knowledge of mapping with an exploration of advanced mapping options such as format mask, multidimensional and SQL

  4. Follow detailed instructions for configuring an IDE for scripting development

  5. Create new integrations based on leading practice.

  6. Implement a security model that meets the needs of your organization

  7. Troubleshoot effectively using application logs and ODI Studio

  8. Understand the Software Development Life Cycle and how LCM can be used to support the SDLC process

  9. Learn how to maintain an application properly over time to ensure performance and stability

And for anyone that is wondering why watermelon on the cover, my publisher (P8Tech) uses images of fruits or vegetables on the covers. When I was asked to select my image, my first thought was watermelon. Why? Because who doesn’t love watermelon? In the words of one of my colleagues, FDMEE is like watermelon – really hard when you first touch it but really sweet and juicy when you get to the middle.

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