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Loading Smartlists into PBCS using FDMEE Cloud


During the last FDMEE Summit held in the beginning of May 2016, Oracle gave us of peek at what is to come. Before I get into these new features, I have to first remind you of Oracle’s Safe Harbor statement, which essentially means that release plans (both functionalities and dates) are subject to change.

FDMEE Cloud Roadmap 1

Now that we have gotten the legalese out of the way, lets get into the important part, the cool new features that Oracle plans to add to FDMEE Cloud (Data Management) sometime before the end of the year. The slide below came directly from Oracle’s presentation deck (the full deck is available under the Learning By Example\Presentations section of the site, see FDMEE Partner Meeting – May 2016).

FDMEE Cloud Roadmap 2

I won’t go over all the features on the roadmap, but I do want to highlight some of the features that I believe will be a major enhancement to FDMEE Cloud:

  1. Metadata Loading

  2. Support for additional EPM Cloud Services (Account Reconciliation Cloud Service, Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service…)

  3. Limited scripting with Groovy

  4. Convert to Outline Load Utility (OLU) for data loading (this will provide users the ability to do load textual data like Smartlist)


As you can see, the ability to load textual data (Smartlists) into PBCS is on the roadmap. However, if you need to load Smartlists into PBCS now, what do you do? Simple, navigate to Presentations under the Learning By Example section and check out the presentation entitled Loading Smartlists into PBCS using FDMEE Cloud. This presentation will walk you through the necessary steps to load Smartlists into PBCS using SQL Mapping since we are unable to use Jython or ODI.


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