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Getting Started with Big Data Technologies Using an Oracle VM

If you have been wanting to get started with Big Data and felt overwhelmed with all the lingo and technologies, I wanted to share some information that I think you might find helpful. The Oracle Big Data Lite VMs are a smaller version of Oracle’s Big Data Appliance and they come pre-installed with all the software one would need to get started.

The following components are included on Oracle Big Data Lite 4.11:

  1. Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.9

  2. Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Enterprise Edition ( – including Oracle Big Data SQL-enabled external tables, Oracle Multitenant, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle OLAP, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Spatial and Graph, and more.

  3. Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH5.13.1)

  4. Cloudera Manager (5.13.1)

  5. Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph 2.4

  6. Oracle Big Data Connectors 4.11

  7. Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 3.8.1

  8. Oracle Loader for Hadoop 3.9.1

  9. Oracle Data Integrator 12c (

  10. Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop 2.7.1

  11. Oracle XQuery for Hadoop 4.9.1

  12. Oracle Data Source for Apache Hadoop 1.2.1

  13. Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders 1.3.1

  14. Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition 12cR1 (4.5.12)

  15. Oracle JDeveloper 12c (

  16. Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler 17.3.1 with Oracle REST Data Services 3.0.7

  17. Oracle Data Integrator 12cR1 (

  18. Oracle GoldenGate 12c (

  19. Oracle R Distribution 3.3.0

  20. Oracle Perfect Balance 2.10.0

To get started, do a Google search for oracle big data lite and you will get a choice to download either the more stable version (4.2.1) or the latest version (4.11).

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.37.40 PM.png

Once you get to the main page, accept the license agreement then download the Deployment Guide, the zip files for the VM and Oracle VirtualBox. Also, make sure your PC/Laptop meets the technical requirements. The key steps to follow are listed under the ‘To get started’ section.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.47.59 PM.png

Don’t forget to check out the Getting Started section on the main page, it is packed with useful information (YouTube videos, pdf files, other hands-on-labs,…). The files needed for the hands-on-labs (HOLs) are already copied to the VM, all you need to do is follow the instructions.

As a Data Integration enthusiast, I first began my journey with Tame Big Data using Oracle Data Integration HOL. This HOL will walk you through the use of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) with Big Data Connectors, which supports native code generation for Pig Latin, Spark, and Oozie standards.

Occasionally, you may run into a few issues. If you do, you should create a new thread on GitHub with all the pertinent information.


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