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Better Return on your Investment w/ FDMEE and ODI

Additional Contributor: Mike Casey, Oracle Corporation With so many integration products available (ODI, FDMEE, DRM, and Essbase Studio, to name a few), if you are a client or Solution Architect considering a new project, deciding how to position these products may seem like a daunting task. Oracle wants FDMEE to be the tool of choice; however, FDMEE can’t always do the work alone. While new and exciting features were added to FDMEE, there will be circumstances where you have to use a combination of tools to get the job done. In this session, I will:

  1. Provide users with FDMEE product update (by Mike Casey, Oracle Product Management)

  2. Go over the options, some key product functionalities, and best practices

  3. Touch on the Restricted Use License (RUL) of ODI that is installed with FDMEE

  4. Through a real-world case study, demonstrate how a council in the UK is using FDMEE and ODI to load Planning Smart Lists

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